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Sunday 7th September 2008

10.30am Stepping Stones (Band playing)

SG 122 Jesus is the name we honour
SG 394/126 Jesus Christ I think upon your sacrifice + Lord I lift your name on high
SG 206 The Lordís my shepherd
SG 129 My Jesus my saviour

6.30pm Evening Service

CFW 389 And can it be
CFW 411 Just as I am
SG 188 Thereís a wideness in Godís mercy
Theme verse song
CFW 433 We have a gospel to proclaim

Sunday 14th September 2008

10.30am Morning Communion

CFW 306 Name of all majesty
Jesus is Lord the cry that echoes through creation
SG 437 I cannot tell
(Choir communion Ė Broken for me, broken for you, CFW 40)
SG 458 Alleluia sing to Jesus

6.30pm Evening Service - Malcolm Cook playing

SG 55 O for a thousand tongues to sing
CFW 449 From heaven you came
SG 547 Faithful One
SG 497 Dear Lord and Father

Sunday 21st September 2008

10.30am Baptism Service - Orchestra Playing

CFW 47 O God beyond all praising
CFW 238 When I survey
CFW 27 The King of love my shepherd is
SG 169 Before the throne

6.30pm Evening Service

CFW 459 Praise my soul the King of heaven
O to see the dawn (sheet)
CFW 219 There is a green hill far away
CFW 436 The day you gave us (Trad words if sheet)

Sunday 28th September 2008 (Back to church Sunday)

10.30am Morning Service

CFW 89 Praise to the Lord, the almighty, the King of creation
CFW 158 Amazing Grace (Jazzy version)
SG 193 How deep the Fatherís Love
In Christ Alone

6.30pm Evening Communion

CFW 198 Crown him with many crowns (verses 1,3,4 and 6 only)
SG 562 All I once held dear
CFW 339 Majesty, worship his majesty
SG 393 Come and see
CFW 199 Now thank we all our God

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