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Sunday 1st October 2017

10.30am Stepping Stones (with Baptism) - Orchestra playing

CFW 526 Come, you thankful people, come
CFW 168 Seek ye first the kingdom of God
You're the word of God the father
CFW 433 We have a gospel to proclaim

6.30pm Evening Communion (Harvest) Service - SM playing

Come people of the risen king
CFW 119 Bind us together
SG 193 How deep the Father's love
AHB 653 To thee, O Lord, our hearts we raise

Sunday 8th October 2017 

10.30am Morning Service (with Baptism) - SM playing

From the highest of heights
CFW 571 Faithful shepherd feed me
In Christ alone, my hope is found
CFW 129 Guide me, O thou great redeemer

6.30pm Contemporary Evening Service - SM playing & Pippy Bailey singing

Music to be planned separately

Sunday 15th October 2017

10.30am Morning Service - AG playing

SG 42 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
CFW 211 You are the King of Glory
SG 196 Only by grace can we enter
296 I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus

6.30pm Evening Service - SM playing

AHB 420 In Christ there is no east or west (Tune: St Stephen)
AHB 211 The Lord ascended up on high (Tune: Ascendit Deus)
SG 429 Christ who gained (Tune: SG 402 Christchurch Steggal)
You're the word of God the father

Sunday 22nd October 2017 

10.30am Morning Communion Service - SM playing

SG 581 The church's one foundation
SG 619 Brother, sister, let me serve you (selected verses)
CFW 449 From heaven you came
CFW 411 Just as I am without one plea

6.30pm Evening Service - AG & Instruments playing

SG 458 Alleluia, sing to Jesus
CFW 359 I am a new creation
SG 163 Purify my heart
CFW 436 The day thou gavest

Sunday 29th October 2017

10.30am Morning Service - SM playing

SG 637 God is our fortress and rock
Come thou font of every blessing
SG 535 Jesus, priceless treasure
SG 639 He who would valiant be

6.30pm Memorial service - SM playing

A&M 376 O praise ye the Lord
Choir: O God, you search me and you know me
AHB 524 In heavenly love abiding
SG 201 Jesus, lover of my soul
SG 638 Guide me, O thou great Redeemer

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