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Music for Sunday 7th October 2007

10:30 a.m. Stepping Stones

Music chosen separately

6:30pm Harvest Evening Service - (Theme: Holiness)

CFW 526 - Come you thankful people, come
CFW 238 - When I survey the wondrous cross
Choir Anthem: To be decided (Junior Choir able to be present too?)
CFW 639 - He who would valiant be
CFW 510 - To you, O Lord, our hearts we raise

Music for Sunday 14th October 2007

10:30am Morning Service - (Theme: Power over nature)

CFW 416 - Thou whose almighty word
CFW 82 - My God is so big
SG 668 - Jesus calls us! - in the tumult
Separate sheet - Jesus is Lord, the cry that echoes through creation

6:30pm Evening Communion - (Theme: Growth)

SG 581 - The church's one foundation
MP 792 - You are the vine
SG 193 - How deep the Father's love
Communion: I am the vine (Choir Anthem)
SG 577 - Lord of the church, we pray for our renewing

Music for Sunday 21st October 2007

10:30am Morning Service - (Theme: Power over evil) - Alison Godfrey playing

SG 323 - Jesus, the name high over all
SG 129 - My Jesus, my saviour
CFW 412 - To God be the glory
SG 169 - Before the throne of God above

6:30pm Evening Service - (Theme: Assurance)

Separate Sheet - In Christ alone
SG 385 - O sacred head surrounded
CFW 546 - Fight the good fight
MP 59 - Blessed assurance

Music for Sunday 28th October 2007

10:30am Holy Communion - (Theme: Power to restore life)

CFW 459 - Praise my soul
MP 222 - He was pierced for our transgressions
SG 194 - My Lord, what love is this
Communion: Behold, I tell you a mystery and/or Jesus, priceless treasure
CFW 199 - Now thank we all our God

6:30pm Annual Memorial Service

Music for this service to be chosen separately

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