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Music for Sunday 1st October 2006

10:30 a.m. Stepping Stones

Music chosen separately

6:30pm Harvest Evening Service

CFW 526 - Come you thankful people, come
CFW 513 - Fill your hearts with joy and gladness
Choir Anthem: Look at the world by John Rutter
CFW 510 - To you, O Lord, our hearts we raise
SG 437 - I cannot tell

Music for Sunday 8th October 2006

10:30am Morning Service

CFW 169 - Jesus is King and we will extol him
Song: Light of the world
SG 497 - Dear Lord and Father of mankind
CFW 187 - Tell out my soul

6:30pm Holy Communion

SG 56 - How great thou art
CFW 415 - Jesus shall reign
CFW 411 - Just as I am (Tune: Saffron Walden)
CFW 594 - When the King shall come again (Tune: HFTC 200 - Ave virgo virginum)

Music for Sunday 15th October 2006

10:30am Baptism Service - Alison Godfrey playing

CFW 459 - Praise my soul the King of Heaven
SG 394 - Jesus Christ, I think upon your sacrifice
SG 129 - My Jesus, my saviour
CFW 158 - Amazing Grace (possibly use the 'jazzy' arrangement)

6:30pm Evening Service

SG 58 - Praise to the holiest (Tune: Richmond)
Taize 9 (page 41) - Bless the Lord, my soul
* Depth of mercy can there be (Tune: Innocents) - Liz, please source this from Hymn Quest 2nd one down of the two listed)
SG 201 - Jesu, lover of my soul
SG 623 - Forth in thy name, O Lord, I go

Music for Sunday 22nd October 2006

10:30am Holy Communion

SG 395 - Meekness and majesty
SG 42 - How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
SG 565 - I will offer up my life
Choir will sing the following hymn during communion: CFW 293 - Freely, freely, you have received
CFW 323 - Jesus! the name high over all

6:30pm Evening Service

CFW 249 - Sing to God new songs of worship
SOF3 1419 - Light of the world
SOF3 1158 - All my days I will sing this song with gladness
SG 668 - Jesus calls us in the tumult
CFW 199 - Now thank we all our God

Music for Sunday 29th October 2006

10:30am Morning Service

CFW 305 - At the name of Jesus (Omit vv. 2 & 6) - Tune: Evelyns
SG 163 - Purify my heart
Spring Harvest Praise 169 - Jesus is Lord, the cry that echoes
CFW 389 - And can it be

6:30pm Memorial Service

Music for this service to be chosen separately by Rob, Pam, Val, etc.)

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