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Sunday 7th March 2010

10.30am Stepping Stones

Music for this service chosen separately

6.30pm Evening Service - Malcolm Cook playing

CFW 365 Lead us heavenly Father, lead us
SG 163 Purify my heart
CFW 158 Amazing Grace
MP 59 Blessed Assurance

Sunday 14th March 2010

10.30am Morning Service - Mothering Sunday

In Christ Alone
SG 107 Father God I wonder
SG 390 We sing the praise of him who died
SG 54 Now thank we all our God

6.30pm Evening Communion - Alison Godfrey playing

AHB 155 My song is love unknown
CFW 238 When I survey
O to see the dawn
SG 623 Forth in thy name O Lord I go

Sunday 21st March 2010

10.30am Morning Service (Children out for whole service)

CFW 308 Come down O love divine
CFW 449 O Church arise
SG 560 O thou who camest from above
SG 577 Lord of the church

6.30pm Evening Service - Service of Passiontide music and readings

Congregational Hymn: There is a Green hill
Reading: Isaiah 52:13-15
Choir: Ah Holy Jesu
Reading: Isaiah 53: 1-3
Choir: Is it nothing to you
Reading: Isaiah 53:4-6
Choir: And with his stripes
Congregational Hymn: My song is love unknown
Reading: Isaiah 53:7-9
Choir: O Lord who dares to smite thee
Reading: Isaiah 53:10-12
Choir: O Saviour of the world
Congregational Hymn: We have a Gospel to proclaim

Sunday 28th March 2010

10.30am Guest Service

Music chosen separately

6.30pm Guest Service - Alex Humphries playing

Music chosen separately

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