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Music for Sunday 4th March 2007

10:30 a.m. Stepping Stones

Music chosen separately

6:30pm CYFA Service

Music chosen separately

Music for Sunday 11th March 2007

10:30 am Morning Baptism Service

[Valerie Joyce leading]
To be baptized: Alice & Grace Wardle
Hymns: CFW 89 Praise to the Lord, the almighty
SG 206 The lord’s my shepherd
SG 393 Come and see
CFW 151 Take my life and let it be
Sermon: Rob Gladstone
Reading: 1 John 1:5 – 2:6 [Costerton]
Intercessions: Costerton
Welcome & Offertory: Jeff & Angela Hardy

6:30 p.m. Confirmation Service (incl. Holy Communion)

[Rob Gladstone leading]
Sermon: Bishop Tim Stevens
God of gods we sound his praises
From heaven you came helpless babe
Before the throne of God above
O Jesus I have promised

Music for Sunday 18th March 2007

10:30 a.m. Holy Communion

[Pam Harvey leading] (Simon M playing?)
Welcome & Notices
Hymn: CFW 459 Praise my soul, the king of heaven
Greeting, Prayer of preparation, confession, absolution
collect for day
OT or Epistle Reading: tba [The Grid]
Hymn: CFW 195 Jesus good above all other
(Choir descends)
Gospel reading: tba [The grid]
Sermon: [Rob Gladstone]
Intercessions [The Grid]
The Peace
(Children return)
Hymn: In Christ alone my hope is found [SHEET]
[Offering brought up- The Grid]
Eucharistic Prayer & Communion
{during which Choir will sing Anthem: Lord, we remember your love for us}
Prayer after Communion
Hymn: CFW 576 Through all the changing scenes of life
Concluding Prayers

6.30pm Evening Service (Rob Gladstone leading) (playing)

Topic: Faith in Evangelism?
Sermon: Pete Hobson
Welcome & Offertory: Margaret Leverment
Intercessions: Margaret Rouse

Music for Sunday 25th March 2007

10:30 am Morning Service [Rob Gladstone leading] [? playing]

Separate service sheet
Theme: Anniversary of Act of Anti-slavery
Sermon: Iain Whyte
Welcome & Read: Jenny Page
Pray and read: Anne Eggleston

6.30pm Evening Service (Richard Jayes leading)

Topic: Faith in Schools?
Sermon: David Wilson
Welcome, Read, pray etc: Sheppard?
Details tba

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