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Sunday 1st July 2018

10.30am Morning Service - Orchestra playing

MP 340 In the tomb so cold they laid him
SG 126 Lord I lift your name on high
You're the word of God the Father
SG 678 Take my life and let it be

6.30pm Evening Communion - Simon Murphy playing

SG 287 Firmly I believe and truly
SG 466 For the bread which you have broken
CFW 506 Go forth and tell

Sunday 8th July 2018

10.30am Morning Baptism Service - Simon Murphy playing

CFW 169 Jesus is King and we will extol him
There is a hope so sure
Prepare our hearts O Lord
SG 386 Ride on, ride on in majesty

6.30pm Contemporary Evening Service - Malcolm Cook

Bless the Lord, O my soul (10,000 reasons)
When the music fades

Sunday 15th July 2018

10.30am Morning Service - Simon Murphy playing

Thank you for every new good morning
You laid aside your majesty
SG 206 The Lord's my shepherd
SG 43 I will sing the wondrous story

6.30pm Evening Service - Simon Murphy playing

CFW 89 Praise to the Lord, the almighty, the king of creation
CFW 620 Lord your word shall guide us
CFW 529 Soldiers of Christ arise and put your armour on
CFW 553 Saviour again to thy dear name we raise

Sunday 22nd July 2018

10.30am Morning Communion Service - TBA playing

CFW 211 You are the king of glory
Who has held the oceans in his hands
Behold the lamb who takes our sins away
CFW 305 At the name of Jesus

6.30pm Evening Service - Gavin Neill playing

In Christ alone
SG 193 How deep the Father's love
SG 222 When the music fades
AHB 62 Sun of my soul

Sunday 29th July 2018

10.30am Morning Baptism Service - Malcolm Cook playing

CFW 158 Amazing Grace
Be still and know that I am God
MP 1358 There is a hope that burns within my heart
SG 525 All my hope on God is founded

6.30pm Evening Service - Alison Godfrey playing

SG 5 God of mercy, God of grace
When peace like a river
CFW 365 Lead us heavenly Father, lead us
SG 437 I cannot tell

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