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6th July 2008

10.30am Stepping Stones

Music for this service chosen separately

6.30pm Evening Service - Alison Godfrey playing

CFW 169 Jesus is King and we will extol him
SG 255 O Lord the clouds are gathering
SG 562 All I once held dear
MP 48 Be still and know that I am God (first verse x 2 only after sermon)
CFW 300 Christ triumphant

13th July 2008

10.30am Morning Service

SG 122 Jesus is the name we honour
CFW 138 Blessed is the man
SG196 Only by grace can we enter
CFW 621 Thanks to God whose word was spoken

6.30pm Evening Communion Service

CFW 621 Thanks to God whose word was spoken
SG 337 God of God, the uncreated
SG 449 From heaven you came
SG 502 Glory to you my God this night

20th July 2008

10.30am Morning Baptism Service

CFW 459 Praise my soul the King of heaven
SG 206 The Lord’s my shepherd
SG 420 All heaven declares
CFW 506 Go forth and tell

6.30pm Evening Service

SG 181 No weight of gold or silver
CFW 293 God forgave my sin
SG 393 Come and see
CFW 30 One shall tell another

27th July 2008

10.30am Morning Communion Service

King of Kings majesty
SG 126 Lord I lift your name on high
CFW 158 Amazing Grace
In Christ Alone

6.30pm Evening Worship - Alison Godfrey playing

To be chosen from, and may be others – see Linda:
Light of the world
Jesus Christ I think upon your sacrifice
My Jesus, my saviour
Our God is an awesome God
Faithful One, so unchanging
Jesus is Lord, the cry that echoes through creation
O to see the dawn

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