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Sunday 5th February 2012

10.30am Stepping Stones

Music chosen separately

6.30pm Evening Service - SM playing

CFW 412 To God be the glory
SOF 216 In my life Lord & SOF 343 Lord Jesus we enthrone you
CFW 365 Lead us heavenly Father lead us
AHB 500 Abide with me (Trad words please)

Sunday 12th February 2012

10.30am Morning Service - Malcolm Cook playing

SG 458 Alleluia sing to Jesus
SG 42 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
SOF 149 Hail thou once despised Jesus - Hymnquest
CFW 169 Jesus is King

6.30pm Evening Communion - Malcolm Cook playing

CFW 130 Your hand, O God, has guided
CFW 119 Bind us together
CFW 238 When I survey
CFW 27 The King of love

Sunday 19th February 2012

10.30am Morning Service - SM playing

CFW 228 There is a redeemer
O let the Son of God enfold you
SG 570 As sons of the day
SG 560 O thou who camest from above

6.30pm Evening Service - SM playing

CFW 561 God of God we sound his praises
CFW 449 From heaven you came
CFW 452 May the mind of Christ my Saviour
CFW 623 Forth in your name O Lord I go

Sunday 26th February 2012

10.30am Morning Communion Service - SM playing

CFW 300 Christ triumphant, ever reigning
SG 113 Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise
SG 193 How deep the Father's love
SG 525 All my hope on God is founded

6.30pm Evening Service - Alison organising musicians

SG58 Praise to the holiest in the height
SG 123 Jesus shall take the highest honour
SG 384 My song is love unknown
CFW 237 Man of Sorrows

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