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Sunday 7th August 2011

10.30am Morning Service - Malcolm Cook playing

CFW 529 Soldiers of Christ arise - (2nd Tune)
CFW 82 My God is so big, so strong and so mighty
CFW 111 Lead us heavenly father, lead us
CFW 538 Rejoice, rejoice, (omit verse one)

6.30pm Evening Service - Alison Godfrey playing

CFW 169 Jesus is King and we will extol him
CFW 238 When I survey
CFW 151 Take my life and let it be
CFW 553 Saviour again to your dear name

Sunday 14th August 2011

10.30am Morning Service - Malcolm Cook playing

CFW 547 Strong in Christ our great salvation
CFW 233 The price is paid
HFTC 568 Give praise for famous men (tune CFW 529)
CFW 300 Christ triumphant ever reigning (2nd tune)

6.30pm Evening Communion - SM playing

CFW 308 Come down O love divine
CFW 323 Spirit of holiness, wisdom and faithfulness
CFW 232 It is a thing most wonderful
CFW 433 We have a gospel to proclaim

Sunday 21st August 2011

10.30am Morning Service - SM playing

Jesus is Lord the cry that echoes through creation
SG 107 Father God I wonder
CFW 576 Through all the changing scenes of life
CFW 550 For all the Saints vv1,2,5,6,8

6.30pm Evening Service - SM playing

CFW 673 Lord you were rich beyond all splendour
SG 535 Jesus, priceless treasure
SG 544 Through the night of doubt and sorrow
SG 173 He lives in us (tune 1)

Sunday 28th August 2011

10.30am Morning Communion - SM playing

SG 581 The church's one foundation
SG 442 The head that once was crowned with thorns
Immortal honours rest on Jesus' head (HymnQuest) Tune: Abide with me
Be thou my vision

6.30pm 4th Sunday evening - Alison Godfrey playing

SG 7 Be still for the presence of the Lord
CFW 336 Father, we love you
CFW 293 God forgave my sin
CFW 404 I believe in God the Father
CFW 483 Christ is made the sure foundation

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