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Sunday 3rd August 2008

10.30 am All Age Morning Service

CFW 130 Your hand O God has guided
SG107 Father God I wonder
All my days (Beautiful Saviour) sheet
CFW 576 Through all the changing scenes of life

6.30 pm Evening Service

CFW 306 Name of all majesty
CFW 238 When I survey
SG 284 These are the facts as we have received them
CFW 436 The day thou gavest (trad words if on a service sheet)

Sunday 10th August 2008

10.30am Family Morning Service - Malcolm Cook playing

CFW 301 Rejoice the Lord is King
SG 514 O Lord you search me and you know me
SG 547 Faithful one, so unchanging
CFW 459 Praise my Soul the King of heaven

6.30pm Holy Communion

CFW 412 To God be the glory
SG 163 Purify my heart
SG 174 Here is love, vast as the ocean
Choir during communion – God so loved the world
SG 666 God be in my head

Sunday 17th August 2008

10.30am Morning Service with Baptism

CFW 267 Immortal, invisible
CFW 27 The King of love my shepherd is
CFW 158 Amazing Grace
CFW 141 I want to walk with Jesus Christ

6.30pm Choral Evensong

CFW 58 Praise to the holiest in the height
Psalm 111
Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis (Stanford in Bb)
Anthem: God so loved the world
AHB 64 Glory to thee my God this night (omit v 3,4)

Sunday 24th August 2008

10.30am Family Holy Communion

SG 420 All heaven declares
SG 497 Dear Lord and Father
CFW 449 From heaven you came
CFW 179 What a friend we have in Jesus

6.30pm - 4th Sunday Service – Alex Humphries & Instrumentalists playing

Music to be selected from:
SG 38 As we are gathered
MP 729 We have come into this place and gathered in his name
MP Our God is an awesome God
He is here, he is here
Jesus shall take the highest honour
MP 511 O Lord your tenderness
SG 56 O Lord my God, when I awesome wonder

Sunday 31st August 2008

10.30am Family Morning Service - Malcolm Cook playing

SG 61 Sing of the Lord’s goodness
SG 222 When the music fades
Choir sing Psalm 150
SG 95 Sing to God new songs of worship
AHB 23 O Praise ye the Lord

6.30pm Evening Service - Alison Godfrey playing

CFW 305 At the name of Jesus (tune to be decided)
SG 393 Come and see
CFW 30 One shall tell another
CFW 387 Love divine, all loves excelling

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